Ashley Leechin, known for being a Taylor Swift doppelgänger, claimed in a new TikTok video Oct. 23 that she was offered a tour of the famed apartment because they thought she was Taylor.

"POV: you walk down Cornelia Street and they think [you're] Taylor and offer you a tour," she said in the video's caption.

She aptly set the video to Swift's Lover song "Cornelia Street" as she gave a walk-through of the apartment.

Leechin's video showed luxe marble stairs, sunlit rooms with large windows, and even the swimming pool.

"THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. did you hear the creaks in the floors?" one fan commented, referring to the "Cornelia Street" lyric "Memorize the creaks in the floor."

Swift rented the Greenwich Village townhouse in 2016 for a whopping $39k a month while her Tribeca penthouse was being renovated.

It's unclear who owns the apartment now, but many fans claimed that Leechin's tour wasn't so special after all.

"Ok this isn’t true tho because I have a friend that doesn’t look like Taylor that got a tour yesterday too…." one person tweeted.

Leechin responded to a similar comment on TikTok, saying, "I never said it was just me. I said order of events."

Other fans slammed Leechin for impersonating Swift.

"Aside from the fact that it’s clearly invasive and disrespecting Taylor’s privacy, making your whole personality looking like a celeb and actively centering your style/look on her on purpose is weird- like get a life," one fan said on Twitter.

One TikTok comment said that the property is now a show house for a furniture company.

"It’s a show house for a furniture company they invite lots of people in for tours! But that’s cool you got to walk through there!!" they said.

Nevertheless, Leechin said, "It was a beautiful experience."

Watch the video, below:

Leechin is known for her TikTok videos expressing her love for Swift and for copying many of her signature styles, which has even gotten her verified on the platform.

She also recently went viral when a fan on the street thought she was Swift, with someone in the video repeatedly saying "It's just Ashley!"

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