Does Taylor Swift have a new BF? She just might, depending on who you believe.

The singer spent the Fourth of July holiday with her Red Tour crew, decked out in their best patriotic gear and doing fun stuff. However, rumors suggest that 'Criminal Minds' star Matthew Gray Gubler was there and that sparks flew between the actor and the unlucky-in-love singer.

We all know T. Swizzle loves a crime procedural – her passion for 'Law and Order' is well-documented -- but Gossip Cop shot down the rumors, saying that the duo is "just friends,' a fact confirmed by a solid source.

Sure they are. Sorry, we're just dousing the fire with gasoline, since Swift has been single since splitting with Harry Styles in January. Isn't it time she enjoys a little romance and the company of the opposite sex?

Gubler was the one who also sparked speculation since he tweeted that he was hitting New England, which is where Swift's beach bash took place.

It's a big leap, but some media sources said that the two were hotter than a July night based on that tweet.

Okay, T. Swizz is probably still single. But it was fun to indulge the rumors.

Here's the pics from Swift's Indepdence Day festivities.