Taylor Swift won't stop dropping April 26 clues on her Instagram account.

The "Delicate" singer has been teasing fans all week by posting teeny, tiny clues about what fans believe is her upcoming album, TS7. As of right now, we're still not 100% sure she's going to release new music next Friday, but a new album seems like the obvious answer. After all, she did something similar when she dropped Reputation in 2017. But now, instead of snakes, Swift's posts are magical and feature bright pastel colors.

We won't really know what the pop star is up to until April 26, but in the meantime let's put on our detective hats and take a look at all the clues she's teased so far.

1. A heart-shaped diamond ring

Her countdown all started with his image of a heart-shaped diamond ring and the caption  "4.26."

2. More rings and what appears to be a pink gown

She followed that up with a photo that sees her wearing a satin, yellow blazer, as well as a bunch of other pretty rings. Soon after, Swift also shared a close-up shot of a pink gown—which immediately sparked some wild theories that instead of a new album, she's going to announce her wedding to boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

3. Her cats, Meredeth and Olivia

4. A blue heart

She posted a second heart, which had fans thinking her album will definitely be about her new love with Alwyn.

5. A blue vintage bike

6. A sequined pink dress

Those are all the clues Swift has dropped in plain sight, but there are a ton of other fan theories going around, too—and some of them make so much sense.

One eagled-eyed fan made a very interesting discovery this week:

Um, this is VERY interesting especially since Swift posted a bunch of LA-related posts before she began her countdown. Also, the cotton candy-colored skies in the photo look a lot like Swift's whole Instagram aesthetic right now.

But wait, there's more! Considering the last song on Swift's Reputation album was "New Year's Day," a track about starting fresh, fans believe her next album is going to be romantic.

Stay tuned for Swift official announcement next Friday, April 26th.

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