Tall City Brewing Co. is a craft brewery in Midland that despite the COVID-19 setbacks of the past year, has been able to stay open and now seeing booming business.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Jeff Thomas and four partners opened Tall City Brewing Co. on November 15, 2019, unaware of what would happen less than 6 months later when COVID-19 caused the country to shut down.

But fast forward to now and Thomas says that business is now booming after COVID-19 shutdowns and a decline in the oil industry.

“It comes down to the quality of the beer,” Thomas explained. “Our brew master Jack Sparks does an awesome job. He’s from Dallas and was working in Miami but wanted to get back to Texas. We were lucky to find him!”

Thomas teamed up with brothers Erich and Nicholas Schmidt in 2016 with a dream of starting the company. The three have been friends since 2006 where they all met while working as landmen in the oil field.

“After we had the initial idea and filed for our LLC in 2016, it definitely wasn’t a fast process to open,” Thomas recalled. “During the time we were acquiring resources, we met Jarrod and Josh Sparks who also wanted to open a craft beer place in Midland. In fact, they heard that we were going to start the business and reached out to us on Facebook. We hit it off, and so the five of us became partners.”

Thomas oversees the daily operations of Tall City Brewing Co. as well as being managing partner and has marketed out the beers created at the brewery to some Midland restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores.

That is making the future of Tall City Brewing Co. very promising which has led to the brewery planning to add more tanks to expand the brewing capacity.

So Midland now has a place to enjoy local craft beers and enjoy them in a family-friendly environment located at 3303 W. Golf Course Rd.

I have been there and I can say it is a great place to get good local craft beers.

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