Cold weather driving is here, but there are a few of us out there that can’t even put air in our tires. Here are some facts and figures to consider as you roll down the road.

There once was a time when we were all obsessed with our cars: There was something known as 'shadetree' mechanics because our cars were actually simple enough to work on and most of us did it ourselves. Those times are over.

Not surprisingly, a new survey found that at least half of us are completely useless when it comes to even the most basic car repairs, maintenance, and tasks.  For example:

  • 58% of us don't know how to change our own oil . . . or even top off our oil without doing the whole changing process.
  • 49% don't know how to change a tire.
  • 29% don't know how to refill the washer fluid . . . which is as simple as popping the hood, finding the cap with "windshield fluid" printed on it, lifting it up, and pouring in the fluid.


And then there are those who are totally helpless among us, 1% can't pump their own gasoline!

Here is a helpful video on how to change a tire: 

Here is how to check your oil:

With winter weather setting and it's important to know how to service your vehicle, for your family's safety.