All across the country, people are seeing delays in deliveries of Girl Scout cookies except in Texas.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, those thin mints you are craving that you usually get in the spring are not going to be delayed if you live in and around Texas.

The rest of the country is seeing delays in their shipments of Girl Scout cookies but a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains says they are seeing no delays in their shipments of the beloved cookies.

The Girl Scouts have just recently introduced a new cookie called Adventurefuls, which is a brownie-type cookie with caramel and sea salt and it is already in high demand.

So in other areas like the Washington, D.C. region, there was a brief delay because two of the bakers of the Adventurefuls cookies are striving to meet demands.

Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers are the companies making the coveted new cookie, but they are doing all they can do to get the cookies out as efficiently as possible.

The east coast is seeing delays in the cookie shipments, but if you are in Texas, there is no need to worry about the new cookies or any of the classic cookies being delayed.

The spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains has confirmed that none of the delays the east coast is seeing is affecting the supply of all the Girl Scout favorites, old and new.

I will give these Adventurefuls a shot but I am still true to my green box of Thin Mints and can't wait to buy a table full of them this spring.

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