Last week 'Supernatural''s upcoming ninth season sent a ton of promotional photos crashing to Earth from October 8 premiere "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here," but that's nothing compared to the fireworks on display in the first official poster for the Winchester boys' ninth year. The gang's all present to have their picture taken , but what secrets are present in the 'Supernatural' season 9 poster?

Adorned with the punny tagline "Prepare for the Fall," the Winchesters' latest promotional poster sees Sam and Dean back where we left them in season 8 finale "Sacrifice," while Crowley and Castiel lurk in the background, with the angels raining down overhead. Curiously, Crowley seems to be holding something too difficult to make out, or at least wearing one seriously attention-grabbing tie.

Premiering October 8, ‘Supernatural’ season 9 will also feature the return of Jim Beaver's Bobby Singer, Felicia Day‘s Charlie Bradbury, and Death (Julian Richings), while 'Battlestar Galactica' vet Tahmoh Penikett will appear as the angel Ezekiel and ABC ‘Whodunit’ host Gildart Jackson will appear in a significant “Men of Letters” flashback. Executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer have otherwise previewed the CW drama’s ninth year, particularly the expanded role angels would play in the mythology going forward and a secret that Dean will be keeping from Sam.

We've still got a few weeks to go before the big 'Supernatural' premiere, so check out the official season 9 poster below, and give us your predictions for the new episodes in the comments!

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