We've still got a few weeks to go before 'Supernatural''s ninth season premiere comes crashing to Earth on October 8, but that doesn't mean we've seen everything up to date. Along with the 'Supernatural' season 8 home release in stores now, two new deleted scenes from season 8 finale "Sacrifice" have emerged that tease the upcoming angel conflicts to come.

The first scene excised from the eighth season sees Dean once again calling out to Castiel in a moment of need, though admittedly acknowledging how many loose screws his angel pal has had of late. Meanwhile, the second scene takes a dark turn for both Sam and Crowley as they await the completion of the third trial, the lingering humanity of which will continue to affect the deposed Hell king in the season to come.

Premiering October 8, ‘Supernatural’ season 9 will feature the return of longtime series star Jim Beaver as his character Bobby Singer in an unknown capacity, while Felicia Day‘s Charlie Bradbury has been announced to pop up as well, ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ vet Tahmoh Penikett has joined in an angelic new role and ABC 'Whodunit' host Gildart Jackson will appear in a significant "Men of Letters" flashback. Executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer recently previewed the CW drama’s ninth year, particularly the expanded role angels would play in the mythology going forward, and a secret that Dean will be keeping from Sam.

Prime yourselves for season 9 with the deleted scenes above and below, and tell us where you want 'Supernatural' to take fans this coming year in the comments!