Supergirl Season 2 set out to answer that pesky Superman question early on, but fans can’t forsake hope for that charming Tyler Hoechlin’s return. Wish granted! Ol’ Supes will return to Supergirl Season 2 after all, and before the year is out.

As revealed by E! News, Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman will appear in the Supergirl Season 2 finale, effectively book-ending his appearance in the first Season 2 episodes. No details are available on what brings Clark Kent back to National City, but with Daxamites running amok, and a Luthor looming over the future, we’ve any number of explanations.

Previously, Supergirl bosses explained that DC granted them access to the character for two episodes, though no plans for a spinoff were in the works. The question again arose with the arrival of a flashback Lex Luthor, though executive producer Andrew Kreisberg suggested the decision rested with DC, not him.

In the meantime, Supergirl will return with next week’s “Ace Reporter,” but stay tuned for more on Superman’s finale return.

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