For many, summer camp was one of the fondest memories of childhood. They were mythical places where we bonded with others near our age and had outdoor adventures. Many of us experienced a special summer love.

Looking back, summer camp seems almost magical. For many adults, it brings a touch of sadness, just knowing we can never go back and do it again.

The summer camp experience no longer has to be exclusively for kids. Today, adults can go to summer camp too. Finding a camp that fits your personal style has never been more accessible. There are many here in Texas. Choose everything from rustic cabins or outdoor tents to five-star accommodations.

Here are some popular adult summer camp experiences in Texas.

1) Son's Blue River Camp, 234 Miles from San Angelo, 1400 Sherrill Rd. Kingsbury

This incredible and varied camp experience on the San Marcos River just east of San Antonio has everything you and your friends need for a summer camp experience. There are 2-3 hour kayak rides on the river,

2. Lucky Arrow Retreat 198 miles from San Angelo, 3600 Bell Springs Rd, Dripping Springs, 

This great camp is a perfect accommodation for a summer camp experience for adults. Here is a great place to experience Axe Throwing, Beer, and Wine tasting, in THAT order.  There is a pool, bathhouse, and lots of scenery.

Photo: Lucky Arrow Retreat
Photo: Lucky Arrow Retreat

3. Sherwood Forest Summer Camp 244 miles from San Angelo, 1883 Old Hwy 20 McDade

Best known as a summer camp for kids, Sherwood Forest adds a memorable medieval summer camp experience for adults. If you've ever dreamt of living in Ren Faire, their three-day experience allows you to sleep in a castle and learn valuable skills like swordplay, archery, blacksmithing, and leather working.

4. Miraval 200 miles from San Angelo 13500 FM2769 Austin

This is an adult summer camp "Austin" style.  You know how Austin is. This camp is more eclectic. The camp website says it all:

We’ve taken the cool, creative character of this vibrant city and embedded it deeply within our one-of-a-kind, 360-degree approach to wellness. In every corner of our peaceful Hill Country property, there’s no doubt you’re at a Miraval Resort—and no question you’re in Austin.

Overlooking Lake Travis, this award-winning wellness resort offers horseback riding, archery, yoga, cooking, and above all an attitude of excellence. This is summer camp we could only dream of as kids. It's the summer camp you deserve.


5. The Epic Rendezvous 162 miles from San Angelo, Marble Falls

This is the closest thing to an adult summer camp you'll find in Texas. If you want a 21+ experience that you can tailor to whatever you call fun, then this is it. They offer it all from Pole dancing classes to Arrow Tag and Archery, pillow fights, Lefevre Burlesque, Lake Raft races, and more. While their next event scheduled for mid-April has been canceled, be sure to check back for more upcoming events.

No matter what your age or preferences, you can find the perfect adult summer camp experience you crave right here in Texas with a bit of work. There's no better way to indulge your inner child.  After all, you don't have to grow up in Texas.

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