If I was stranded on a deserted island and only had five items, here's what I would definitely need. What are yours? 

Roxi Pix

1. Lipstick - I could never ever live without lipstick! I hate when when my lips are dry and not having any lipstick on is boring!

Roxi Pix

2. Lotion - If I didn't have lotion I think my skin might dry up shed right off! My biggest fear is having dry skin, itchy and tight not a good feeling to have!


3. High Heel Shoes - Definitely need my high heels, they make me feel fab!

Roxi Pix

4. Jewelry - I'm such a girl I love wearing jewelry and having that extra sparkle with all my outfits!

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5.My Husband and Son - I would not be able to live with out these guys! They are my rock!