Watch out when you make a bet, you may just have to follow through on it.

According to NewsWest 9, Steven Shrout, 25, had a bet with his fantasy football members.

The one that had the worst record in their 12-team league would either pay the winner an additional $250, the same amount it cost to buy into the fantasy league he was in, or perform a stunt that was humiliating in nature.

Shrout's league came up with a funny punishment, the loser had to cover themselves in peanut butter while wearing nothing but a gold Speedo, and stand in a Dallas dog park for at least 10 minutes.

Last Wednesday (February 13, 2019), Shrout got into a gold Speedo, covered himself with three jars of Jif creamy peanut butter, and went to Bark Park Central in Deep Ellum hoping he could get his 10 minutes in and not have too many notice him.

He was wrong, a lot of people did and his friends took video of the whole thing.

Curious dogs immediately greeted him to get a taste and people took pictures and posted them on Instagram and Reddit which made the Shrout's punishment go viral.

Most of the comments commended Shrout on his dedication.

Even though he got some internet fame, he says he will probably not be in that Fantasy Football league again next season.


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