Next month, the Star Wars galaxy expands in a totally new direction with Star Wars: Visions, an anthology series of anime short films from some of the biggest names in Japanese animation. The films will be available in English and Japanese on Disney+, and along with a new trailer, Lucasfilm announced the series’ release date, along with the casts of the the nine films.

The nine parts of Star Wars: Visions are “The Duel,” “Tatooine Rhapsody,” “The Twins,” “The Village Bride,” “The Ninth Jedi,” T0-B1,” “The Elder,” “Lop & Ocho,” and “Akakiri.” The English voice talent for Visions includes Henry Golding, Neil Patrick Harris, Alison Brie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Simu Liu, Kyle Chandler, Bobby Moynihan, and Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett.

The trailer, which you can watch below, looks pretty spectacular. Check it out:

The studios that made the nine films are Kamikaze Douga (“The Duel”), Geno Studio (“Lop and Ochō”), Studio Colorido (“Tatooine Rhapsody”), TRIGGER (“The Twins” and “The Elder”), Kinema Citrus (“The Village Bride”), Science Saru (“Akakiri” and “T0-B1”), and Production I.G. (“The Ninth Jedi”).

Along with the trailer, there are some striking images from the series:

Here was Lucasfilm’s James Waugh’s statement on the show:

Lucasfilm is partnering with seven of the most talented anime studios in Japan to bring their signature style and unique vision of the Star Wars galaxy to this inspired new series. Their stories showcase the full spectrum of  bold storytelling found across Japanese animation; each told with a freshness and voice that expands our understanding of what a Star Wars story can be, and celebrates a galaxy that has been such an inspiration to so many visionary storytellers.

Star Wars: Visions premieres on September 22 on Disney+.

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