Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits Blu-ray today and to mark the occasion, the folks at Lucasfilm have released a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes materials to try to coax you into buying yourself a copy. I’m not saying you have to get this disc, but these extras are pretty spectacular.

First of all, here’s a batch of concept art, of the film’s final battle as well as a few from that big scene that featured that amazing surprise cameo of that long-dead Star Wars character you weren’t expecting to see (and especially not expecting to see in the form they took):

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Concept Art

The Star Wars universe is one of the few franchises that still loads up their Blu-rays with good special features and extras (and thank goodness for that). So there are also some new teases of some of the featurettes you’ll find on The Last Jedi Blu-ray. This first clip is about what director Rian Johnson was going for in the final confrontation between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren on the planet of Crait.

This clip details how the filmmakers got that incredible red-on-white look of Crait.

And finally this video is about designing the new walkers from the film.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available on Blu-ray. Special features include the making-of documentary The Director and the Jedi, scene breakdowns like the Crait stuff above, two scenes from the film featuring Andy Serkis’ raw, pre-effects performances, deleted scenes, and Rian Johnson audio commentary.

Gallery - More Amazing Star Wars Concept Art:

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