Now the story of a saga a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away, and the one Jedi that had no choice but to keep it all together.

This video, from the fine people at Nerdist, is absolutely tremendous. It takes footage from the original Star Wars trilogy and lays in a voiceover from Ron Howard, reprising his role as the dryly incredulous narrator from Arrested Development. It’s Arrested Rebellion, and it works really well together.

In the last couple years, Ron Howard Voice has become a dependable joke on social media. (Ron Howard Voice: “It really had.”) Though Arrested Development never attained mainstream success on television, and its return on Netflix was a mixed bag, it has given the world an invaluable gift in the form of the Ron Howard Voice. It really is the perfect response to anytime someone says something truly stupid, which seems to happen more and more these days. (Ron Howard Voice: “It really does.”)

Supposedly, Arrested Development is returning for a fifth season on Netflix in the very near future. I hope this YouTube video finds its way to the show's writer's room and they use it as the inspiration for an episode where the Bluth family slowly morphs into characters from Star Wars. George Sr. is Darth Vader, Michael is Luke, Gob is Han Solo, Tobias, is, I don’t know, Chewie maybe? No Jar Jar. Yeah, that makes sense. Or hey, Ron Howard is directing a Star Wars movie now, maybe he can actually provide a little of his patented narration in Han Solo! (Ron Howard Voice: “He couldn’t.”)

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