Have you ever heard of St. Vincent's insane asylum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? If not it's one of the all-time creepiest, allegedly haunted, and nightmarish abandoned places in the entire Sooner State.

This place is legendary for its paranormal and even supernatural activity. It was originally opened back in 1945 as a mental hospital that dealt with and treated adult men with extreme mental health issues.

At one time a religious order was in charge of the asylum called the Brothers of Mercy. Don't let the name fool you they were anything but merciful. The staff and doctors at the hospital were abusing, torturing, and even killing patients. One story tells of a nurse who suffocated 2 patients, murdering them.

Hit play on the video below to take a creepy tour of St. Vincent's Asylum in OKC

Unfortunately, this place has a terrible and terrifying past that's filled with all kinds of mistreatment and sadly the deaths of several patients who were in the care of doctors and nurses at St. Vincent's mental hospital.

It was closed down eventually and St. Vincent's mental hospital was then turned into a drug rehab/treatment facility a few years after that. It was reportedly overseen and operated by a priest named Frank Dolan.

His story isn't a pleasant one. He was murdered by the patients he was trying to help. After such a tortured past and with everything that had happened there it was closed down permanently sometime in the 1980s.

Hit play on the video below to hear the terrifying tale of St. Vincent's Asylum in OKC

St. Vincent's asylum in Oklahoma City, OK. is one of the Sooner States' scariest and most active haunts. People from all over visit and investigate the location and most report seeing, hearing, and feeling the paranormal. More than that, some investigators claim that a demonic and dangerous entity is present.

Throughout the years, several different teams of investigators have experienced and reported all sorts of activity. A lot of them agree that something more than the tortured souls of the dead is lurking about. St. Vincent is home to a lot more than just ghosts and spirits according to paranormal experts.

These experts agree that some form of demonic energy or presence is what caused all the tragedies and horror that took place at the asylum. And from what it sounds like, it's still there. If you're into the otherworldly, enjoy ghost stories, and looking for evidence of the supernatural this place is definitely for you, we're talking the stuff of true nightmares! If you take a trip to OKC to check it out be very, very careful.

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