Olympic fever is in the air and I am one of those that finds myself watching sports I would never watch outside of the Olympics.

One of those is Archery, I was watching that this past weekend and would never be caught dead watching it any other time during the year, but there I was watching it like my life depended on it just because it was the USA competing.

Another one is Badminton, I will play badminton, but I would never watch it on TV UNLESS it was on during the Olympics.

For the Winter Olympics another one is Curling, that is the one where they have the huge anvil looking thing sliding on the ice and they have "sweepers" sweeping in front of it for better distance. I would never watch that if it was on a Sunday afternoon on ESPN 6 outside of the Winter Olympics, but put it in the Olympics and I am cancelling dinner reservations to watch it.

That's commitment I tell you.

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