This week we are featuring Dupri, just one of the many great pets that are up for adoption at the PetSmart Pet Adoption Center in Midland. 

I am such a love bug! I purr a lot and will talk to you and give you kisses. Please come see me at our location inside PetsMart in Midland!

Today there are millions of lovable, healthy cats & dogs for adoption that desperately need homes. Due to overpopulation, approximately 4 million homeless pets are euthanized every year– that's about 11,000 pets every day. For this reason, PetSmart has chosen not to sell dogs or cats. We joined forces with PetSmart Charities, a nonprofit organization, to help save the lives of pets through adoptions. Many homeless pets are purebred, so if you're looking for a particular breed, or even a puppy or a kitten, their adoption program can help you find your next best friend.

The Midland Humane Coalition works with PetSmart to get these wonderful pets adopted. If you are interested in giving 'Dupri' a home, go by the PetSmart Adoption Center off Loop 250 and Midland Dr. in Midland.