We've all had to travel with one of 'those' people: The guy who clips his fingernails on a flight, the baby that cries incessantly behind you and the guy next to you who snores. one woman couldn't take it anymore and got all stabby.

Who hasn't had to endure a 'bad passenger' on a flight? It can become really annoying, but most people suffer in silence until the flight lands. Not this woman!

A woman was on a Southwest flight from Chicago to Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday, when a guy sat down next to her and immediately went to sleep.  Before the plane even took off, he was snoring really loud.

And that made the woman angry. So angry in fact that she STABBED him in the arm with her PEN.  He was okay, but apparently pretty shocked.

The plane turned around, went back to the gate, and she was escorted off.  There's no word if she's facing any charges.

The flight ended up leaving about two hours late.

(USA Today)