The rains have went away, but even after weeks of little or no rainfall, residents of south Midland are having problems with flooded septic systems and no clean running water.

According to NewsWest 9, the county has brought in porta-potties to help residents in south Midland who have reportedly been using buckets to go to the bathroom in.

“You’ve got folks living out there that even though the runoff water has stopped, they still have water on their property," said Terry Johnson, Midland County Judge.

Many of the homes in the county south of Midland run on a septic system and well water and both are still inundated with flood waters.

"They have flooded septic systems and can’t use their facilities there at their house," said Judge Johnson. "So we have done what we can and set out porta-potties in strategic areas.”

The porta-potties were brought in over the weekend with a pumping system to get rid of the standing water.

“We got Rain For Rent to pump the water out of the area and it has been very helpful," said Louis Sanchez, Midland County Commissioner Precinct 3.

they are pumping the water out of the area along the regular flood plain where the flood waters cannot get to.

“All we’re doing is following the flood plain. It’s going from west to east. We are not sending the water somewhere it’s not supposed to go," said Sanchez.  "We are just pushing the water along a bit because it is a lot of water.”

The porta-potties will remain in the area as long as they are needed.

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