It’s about that time of the season when SNL starts sketching out its final weeks, and with it tends to come a bit of turnover. Speculation most frequently points to senior cast member Kenan Thompson, but a new CBS pilot suggests that Bobby Moynihan may actually leave Studio 8H after Season 42.

Nothing is confirmed for the moment, though Deadline reports Moynihan has signed the lead role of upcoming Boyhood-type CBS pilot Me, Myself & I, which – if picked up – would almost certainly guarantee Moynihan’s SNL exit at the end of this season. Moreover, the fan-favorite had only been signed for seven years in 2008, most recently allowing a two-year extension, which has not been renewed as of yet.

Perhaps worth noting, Deadline claims that while “the current season had been planned as his final one on the show,” it also adds “there had been no formal discussions with SNL bosses about him leaving the show.” Schrödinger’s cast!

There’s every chance CBS ends up passing on Me, Myself & I, though it’s likely Moynihan’s overall intentions will become clearer in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the promos for Hidden Figures star Octavia Spencer’s hosting debut below, and stay tuned for more SNL this weekend.

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