Behold: the first massive pop single of 2017 has arrived.

Sia, wig enthusiast, chandelier swinger and singer-songwriter extraordinaire, is propelling into the new year full force with her propulsive new single "Move Your Body," an obvious standout from her 2016 record This Is Acting, originally intended for Shakira. (This is a good opportunity to point out that the Sia song Shakira did cut, 2014's "Chasing Shadows," is incredible.)

Given a slight production tweak, the single mix of "Move Your Body" mostly retains the essence of the album's surging original, skewing slightly more on-trend at radio with a more tropical flair, a la "Cheap Thrills" and "The Greatest" — and that chorus remains just as thunderous and almighty as ever.

"Your body’s poetry, speak to me / Won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight? / Move your body, move your body!" the powerhouse singer demands over and over.

That rainbow single artwork — taken from her Nostalgic For The Present Tour imagery — also ties in neatly with the touching, subtle LGBTQ video tribute of "The Greatest."

With about a quarter million streams in twelve hours on YouTube and lots o' love from fans ("finally the obvious single is out!" one commented), "Move Your Body" seems destined to be yet another smash for Sia. ("Unstoppable," indeed.)

Listen to the single mix of "Move Your Body" up top.

See Sia Shining Bright Like a Diamond on Stage:

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