Close to thirty years will have passed when Twin Peaks resurrects on Showtime, to say nothing of how broadcast and cable standards have changed. Still, don’t expect the 2017 revival to undergo any graphic overhaul, as Showtime bosses reveal David Lynch is “taking advantage of cable freedoms,” but “David’s pretty clean.”

Among the scarce details offered to Entertainment Weekly, Showtime boss David Nevins downplayed suggestions that May’s Twin Peaks revival would live up to network standards of TV-MA content. Exact details remains under wraps for now, but Lynch’s 18-episode vision may not skew so graphic as prequel-sequel Fire Walk With Me:

He is taking advantage of cable freedoms and there are moments of very strong material, but David’s pretty clean. There’s darkness and there’s scariness, but a lot less cursing and probably somewhat less nudity than most of our other programming. Definitely a lot less cursing…. Part what defines David as such an entertaining filmmaker is he’s got such a range of tones. It’s funny, it’s dramatic, it’s emotional, it’s shocking, and occasionally it’s violent, but a lot of times the violence is more implied than shown. That’s one of the things I really like about the show, there’s just such a satisfying range of tones.

Ahead of the May 21 double-premiere, here’s that giant cast list again:

Showtime Twin Peaks Cast List

We’ll see more in the coming weeks, but stay tuned for the latest Twin Peaks happenings as they arrive, NSFW and otherwise.

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