The still frame looks like it could be from a Hollywood disaster flick, but this crash video is real. The ATR-72-600 aircraft crashed into a bridge and then into a river in Taiwan yesterday, killing at least 23.

The Taiwanese flight with 58 people on board turned onto its side shortly after takeoff, clipped a bridge and crashed into a river in the island's capital of Taipei. The crash was captured in a dramatic video by a driver who had a dash cam traveling along Taiwan's busy National Freeway No. 1.

The death toll in the crash of TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 was expected to increase as rescue crews cleared the mostly sunken fuselage in the Keelung River. Officials said 15 people were rescued with injuries, and 20 were unaccounted for.

The plane's wing hit a taxi on the freeway, and the driver and a passenger were injured but amazingly, survived.

No word yet on what might have caused the crash.

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