Shawn Mendes may be but a boy on the cusp of twenty-dom in the U.S., but back home in Canada, apparently, he really knows how to knock 'em back.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the 19-year-old "Youth" singer said he drinks a "s--t ton" when he heads back to Ontario, where he was born and raised.

"I don't find it frustrating because I care about alcohol," he said of not being able to go out while in America. "I care about time with friends in bars. I'm being denied a social experience, not an alcoholic beverage. I wish I was allowed to just go in the bar and drink a pop because then I would at least be there with everyone and I wouldn't have to be in my hotel while everyone else is at the bar."

Mendes also said he thinks lowering the drinking age to 18 is a "f--king great idea," because why wouldn't he, an above-18-year-old, be behind something that would enable him to drink legally in the states?

"In America there's this kind of pressure that builds inside of needing to go to the bar that by the time you're 21, which is like a full adult, you just explode," he continued. "I feel like a lot of crazy things kind of happen to kids when they first go out instead of if it was a few years younger. Maybe they wouldn't have been so tempted to go that crazy."

As for Mendes' drink of choice? He used to drink rye and ginger, but "had to slow down because they don’t feel good the next morning," so he switched to tequila. Now, he opts for Don Julio or Casamigos. How truly fascinating.

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