While the snow has recently been a major storyline in the U.S., rain has been a real problem in another country.

Driving rain in Peru has caused dangerous flooding and mudslides, claiming the lives of 72 people. In addition, an estimated 115,000 homes have been destroyed, while several roads are no longer fit for driving and more than 100 bridges have been affected.

This video of a car caught in some flooding shows just how serious the matter is. The man in the car narrowly avoided catastrophic injury and maybe even death when his car flipped, enabling his windshield to hit a rock. The windshield prevented his body from smashing the rock. It's a scary scene that could've been much scarier.

The smashing of his windshield not only protected him from the rock, it also served as a means for him to get out of his car and run to safety. You'd  be hard pressed to find anyone so lucky to have a windshield shatter.

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