Justin Bieber is facing problems previously only lamented by Right Said Fred: He's too sexy, this time for the country of Oman.

The boy wonder was forced to cancel his concert in the country. Sources debated as to whether or not Bieber's sultry dancing moves, smoldering brown eyes and shirtless show vignettes were to blame -- or his recent bouts of bad behavior. “Many people here were horrified by what they had heard about Bieber," a source said. "People didn't want him coming to Oman. He was called a reprobate and words were used like debauchery and Haraam, which in Islam means a sinful act that displeases God.”

The source added, "In Islamic countries you can’t run around with your shirt off."

"Alive Entertainment regrets to announce that the Justin Bieber in Oman show will no longer take place," the promoter said in a statement. Thankfully for Bieber's Middle Eastern fans, he replaced the canceled date with an additional May 5 show in Dubai.

The additional Dubai date may also just be a smart business move for Biebs. It's rumored that in Middle Eastern countries outside of Dubai, his ticket sales were less than stellar.

In any case, we're willing to believe that Bieber was just too sexy for his shirt ... so sexy, it hurts.

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