In the hierarchy of awards shows, the Golden Globes are known as the fun awards, the show where celebs drink a little more and generally get a chance to let their hair down before the stress and pageantry of the Oscars. The various awards shows have been on something of a hot streak with getting comedians to host — Jimmy Kimmel did so well at the Oscars this year that he was invited back to host the 2018 awards mere months later. The Golden Globes, not to be outdone, snagged fellow late-night comedian Seth Meyers for the 2018 show.

Variety reports that Meyers is nearing a deal with the Golden Globes to host the January 7 telecast. The awards shows come at a pretty fraught time of the year for Hollywood after multiple sexual harassment and assault scandals have rocked the industry in the past few months. Awards shows could be seen by some as more ego-stroking by the industry at a time when stroking is the last thing Hollywood egos need right now. But Meyers is one of the only late night hosts to address these issues head-on, and, arguably, has done the best job, providing a levelheaded, even take on something that’s tough to address in an entertaining way without minimizing it. Plus, his jokes still land!

The current climate in the movie and TV industry is sure to be addressed multiple times throughout the awards season by presenters and honorees alike, so we should prepare ourselves for a lot of Serious Talks from our favorite onscreen presences in the coming months. To step up their viewership and make the lengthy business more entertaining, the awards shows have been leaning more and more towards comedic presences for their hosting gigs, and to be expected to talk about the insidious pattern of abuse and assault that is still very much present in the industry — and in a way that’s still mainly inoffensive and funny — is an unenviable position. Meyers will almost definitely handle it gracefully.

The 75th Annual Golden Globes ceremony will be broadcast on NBC January 7, 2018.

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