Seth Meyers is pulling no punches with Donald Trump Jr.

The Late Night host went after the president's son on Monday night (July 17), lampooning Trump Jr.'s e-mails relating to a meeting with Russian officials during last year's election.

Meyers, like many other late-night TV hosts, has been vocal in his criticism of the administration, is exasperated over people defending the younger Trump—and is especially displeased that the president himself called the matter routine "politics."

“No, it’s not,” Meyers countered. “Politics is running attack ads and kissing babies and going down on a corn dog at the Iowa State Fair. Just because something is political doesn’t mean it’s just politics. If John Wilkes Booth had shot Lincoln and then went, ‘Hey, that’s politics,’ they still would have arrested him.”

You know who else had some harsh words for President Trump? Stephen Colbert.

The Late Show host used Trump's so-called "Made in America" week to poke fun using his own "Russia Week."

Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show remained decidedly non-political with a segment called "Sidewalk Cinema," in which everyday people re-created iconic movie scenes. E.T., Braveheart and Jurassic Park are just some of the flicks which got the pseudo-remake treatment.

Celebs Who Supported Donald Trump:

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