Selena Gomez, Seventeen's current cover girl, opened up about the notion of "Girl Power" in a video chat for the mag. She also shared what she really thinks about Lorde, who famously dissed her.

"Girl power can mean so many different things," Sel, who showed off her girl power pose at the end of the clip, declared. "We live in a time where it's so competitive with females, whether it's fashion or boys or friends or boys and boys and boys and…it's really unfortunate. Girl power is almost more powerful and more special."

She respects and loves Beyonce, Rachel McAdams, Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet, and she also gave props to Lorde.

Sel was covering 'Royals' on her Stars Dance Tour; then, Lorde sounded off about Gomez's music and a tiff was born. Lorde said she is a feminist and didn't like Sel's smash hit 'Come & Get It' because of the way it portrayed women.

"There is one artist that I think is very powerful and she doesn't really like me and that's alright," Gomez said. "Her name is Lorde and she's cool. I think her message is powerful. She is very young but she has got a lot to say, and that's great, so more power to her."

We think it's up to Taylor Swift to display the ultimate form of "Girl Power" by brokering peace between Selena and Lorde. She's friends with both girls, so... get to it, Tay! A Selena x Lorde Peace Summit needs to be on your list of stuff to do... soon. We know, you're a busy gal, but still. This is critical, too.

Remember, Lorde commented on how it is dangerous for fans perceive their idols, like her and Swift, as icons of perfection, and it was construed as a Swift diss by the media. Luckily, Swift understood what was going on and took Lorde, who is just 17, under her wing.

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