Selena Gomez surprised fans with a music video of the title track of her third studio album, Rare.

The singer surprised fans with the release of the music video the day her album dropped.

The video begins with psychedelic moments with the 27-year-old in a dreamlike sequence surrounded by a garden and rainbow lights with bubbles floating around her.

We then find Gomez staring at a statue of herself before putting a chrome-like liquid onto her skin making her shine like the rarity she is. The video is nothing short of magical.

Watch the music video, below:

The song itself had significant meaning for Gomez. “I just felt like that was me if that makes sense,” she told Spotify in an interview. “Obviously, I've had a lot of self esteem issues in the past,” she explained. “I still struggle with confidence and you know, it's going to be something that I'm always working on. Rare made me feel incredible. That name was so important to me the moment I heard it.”

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