Selena Gomez may very well have to sit down for her own deposition following Justin Bieber's explosive deposition meeting last week. According to new legal papers obtained by TMZ, the lawyer representing the paparazzo suing the Biebs asked the singer about Gomez because she had witnessed him attacking a photographer back in 2012 and believes that to be relevant to his current case.

Currently, a paparazzo is suing the troubled pop star, claiming that Bieber told his bodyguards to beat up the photographer. And as we all know, the Biebs did not take last week's deposition well, arguing with the prosecuting attorney and getting just a little cray when asked about Gomez. With his lawyer arguing on his behalf, Bieber and his team soon stormed out of the room and took time to cool off before continuing the deposition.

Apparently, sources have claimed that Gomez wants nothing to do with the case (we don't blame her!) but unfortunately there might not be much she can do about it.

Meanwhile, Jelena have been busy spending time together in Texas last week, and the pair were spotted being very affectionate with each other… and, of course, the Biebs even posted an Instagram vid of the two dirty dancing.

We can only imagine his reaction if Gomez ends up having to do the deposition. Yikes!