Poor Selena Gomez!

She's already sore, achey, swollen and requiring ice packs and she is just five dates into her Stars Dance Tour, which is 58-dates strong.

The singer had to ice her legs with giant packs, since she's giving her body a workout as she entertains fans onstage every night.

She posted a pic, while enjoying a McDonald's beverage, writing: "Now, I hurt. Everywhere."

Aw, poor Sel!

Maybe she can call her ex Justin Bieber to head over and give her a massage or wait on her hand and (ice packed) foot!

The singer also posted a photo with fans, writing: "Winnipeg love ❤ you guys reminded me why I'm so in love with what I do tonight. Best show yet." See, the fans and Seleniacs are worth those sore legs.


She posed in front of a fence with the Saskatoon contingent of fans.


Sel really loves her fans.