Imagine being a Selena Gomez fan and sharing the same airplane flight as her. Cool, right? Oh, it gets cooler...

That same fan not only was lucky enough to be on the same plane, she got to meet the star. Even better: Gomez gave her free concert tickets AND posted a photo of the fan on her lap for the world to see!

Selena shared the pic Monday (Aug. 12) on Instagram, saying, "Met this little at the airport. Ended up on the same flight and gave her tickets to my show hehe I kinda like my job."

The picture is totally cute, with Selena smiling a big smile as she hugs the young fan seated on her lap. The girl looks happy and, frankly, a little stunned.

The singer's Stars Dance tour starts tonight (Aug. 14) in Vancouver, British Columbia. There's no telling which show the lucky fan will be attending, though: Selena's trek is truly an epic one, hitting some 57 cities worldwide and lasting four months!

So this makes for yet more evidence that Selena doesn't have a diva bone in her body, mixing with real people and showing not a shred of attitude. (Don't forget she was just spotted dining at Hooters -- again.)

Keep up the good work, girl!