Low-riders who have been bullied have banded together for a second year to bring awareness.

According to NewsWest 9, the event was held last Saturday, August 17, 2019 and was founded and organized for the second year by Alvaro Lara.

“We make this show and come together, it’s called Low-Riders Against Bullying. All the low riders get together for a good cause, we’re bringing awareness to all the kids that have been bullied."

Lara continues that he formed Low-Riders Against Bullying from his granddaughter who was the inspiration behind the organization.

"She is the cause of all this. She's gone through really bad experiences of bullying. So I decided that we're going to do something, not just for my granddaughter, but for every kid out there that goes through the same thing. We always hear around the world, this happened, that happened. But until it happens to you in your backyard, then we decide to do something. I know it’s wrong, but here we are trying to make a difference," said Lara.

The event will return again next year.

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