Sam Smith is a powerhouse. Not only does the British crooner have an incredible voice, but he puts so much emotion into his music that you can't help but relate. He showcases this unique sensitivity in his music video for 'Stay With Me,' a refreshingly honest tune about the feelings after a one-night stand. 

The video is beautifully simple, with various shots of unmade bed sheets interspersed between clips of Smith singing as tears sting his eyes. Though he never fully cries, the viewer may want to -- that's how powerful this video is. And when Smith is backed up by a choir, the dozens of voices echoing his only drive the song's message further home.

In a behind-the-scenes clip that shows the making of the music vid, director Jamie Thraves explains the concept of the emotional video:

"I really like making videos where it really relates to the lyrics. it's really simple, it's not trying to be too clever," he reveals of the video's minimalistic nature. "I like it when there's real emotion behind the visuals that matches the lyrics of the song, that tries to capture the emotion of the song."

And that is exactly what this video does.

Watch Behind the Scenes of 'Stay With Me'