What happens when you put together a Canadian actor, a K-Pop superstar and a Marvel antihero? A whole lotta lovin', evidently.

Earlier this month, Korean high fashion magazine High Cut debuted a highly amusing photo editorial of 4minute star/"Bubble Pop" sensation/recent Family Guy muse HyunA posing lovingly in domesticated mode with Deadpool, the latest Marvel character to get the silver screen treatment with Deadpool, due out February 12.

High Cut
High Cut

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the part of Deadpool in the upcoming film, evidently caught wind of the funny fashion spread and snagged his own copy of the magazine to show his appreciation. And yesterday (January 25), Reynolds posted an Instagram snuggling up to the cover of the magazine.

"This happened... and I don't regret it for a second. 사랑 @hyunah_aa," he wrote. "사랑" is "love" in Korean, by the way.

Cue a massive freakout from the K-Pop community.

(As if Ryan Reynolds actually needed any more evidence of his appeal, this adorable gesture certainly seals the deal.)

And while HyunA's yet to respond on her own Instagram just yet, she's admittedly a bit busy: The singer is preparing a comeback mini-album with her group 4minute on February 1, called Act.7, which reportedly features production by Skrillex.

Assuming the movie goes over well, here's hoping a Reynolds-HyunA-Deadpool love triangle side-plot makes its way into a sequel.

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