So I know this guy from a band that I used to follow in college... who is now making music with other dudes scantily clad in a bathroom, and it's magic.

Jon Devoto is a member of The Matches, the band that I followed all over Texas, and traveled to see in San Francisco for their 10 year reunion in 2014. He now works with a group in the Bay Area called Ivy Hill Entertainment.

Ivy Hill produced this video, which is not only appealing to the ears, but hilarity for the eyes. It's a collection two dudes in a tub playing guitar, the singer in a towel also playing guitar, a man in a robe in the shower with a bass violin, a drummer on the toilet, and Jon tapping dancing and brushing his teeth. Yes, it's a must watch.

For everyone who sings in the shower, this is your new jam. Checkout Ivy Hill Entertainment covering Outkast's 'Hey Ya!'.

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