Listen up, Rixton fans: In honor of the band's upcoming album Let the Road (out March 3!) we will be premiering 10 (!) exclusive videos of Rixton teasing each song from the album to some of their luckiest fans. First up? The title track, "Let the Road." Check out the video above.

As four lucky ladies enter the top-secret listening room with the band, they wait patiently as the highly anticipated track is set to play. As the seconds tick by -- and no sound is heard -- one of the girls deadpans, "I love it." A true Rixton fan, for realz.

Yes, sadly, "Let the Road" is just one track that you'll have to wait until the album drops to be to hear in all of its glory -- but based on everything the band has told us about it, this is one worth waiting for. (It's a cappella)!

"When we started writing the track originally it started with Jake and Dan trying to emulate things like Boyz II Men, where you have to harmonize," Lewi previously told us about the song. "It just sounded incredible, so we decided to keep it a cappella."

"The song’s about where the journey takes you and [not to] forget where you came from and [how] you can always rely on hope," he added.

While we totally share the fans' pain in not being able to feast our ears on the sweet, sweet sounds of "Let the Road" just yet, we think that it will definitely be worth the wait.

Check out Rixton's total tease of "Let the Road" in the vid above, and be sure to keep it here on PopCrush as we unveil exclusive clips of Let the Road (the album!) songs all this week and next.

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