Rita Ora is this year's Lana Del Rey, racking up mag cover after mag cover. While her debut 'Ora' has yet to land in the States, she's a big deal in the U.K., and so she covers the British edition of GQ while topless.

This drop ya top cover won't do anything to erase those repeated Rihanna comparisons, either. Regardless, besides the boobie tease, Ora also reveals her true feelings for her new BF Calvin Harris.

With a shock of blond hair and a slick of blood red on her lips, Ora strategically places her arms over her lady lumps so the images remain PG-13. She sure looks hot, though. The interview, howevs, is much more revealing.

Just like she was in her Complex cover story a year ago, Ora was coy when discussing romance and that tactic reveals a lot more about how Rita Ora approaches her career.

Back then, she said her relationship with Rob Kardashian wasn't real. And we all know how that ended. Now she's hooking up with her new BF, DJ Harris, who, consequently, found love with RiRi, if only in a hopeless place known as their song.

As for romance, Ora has not found love... Yet. She said, "It’s early. I’m not in love. But I’m definitely falling."

We wouldn't want to be Rita Ora's BF.

She is so noncommittal when talking about her men and saying that she is falling feels a bit like an afterthought.

She did say that the romance does deal with the pressures of both parties having booming careers. It also sounds like her job comes first for her.

"You always have to sacrifice something when you want to achieve something,” she said. “Of course, I get lonely and I get sad, but I made a decision to do this… I’m in an amazing position to change my life, and change my family’s life."

We wonder if Calvin Harris might be rethinking love with Rita Ora...

The issue drops July 4.