Update: Watch the video for "Sledgehammer," in which Rihanna manipulates energy as an intergalactic space queen, above.

It's a happy Monday for Rihanna fans: The singer's debuted a soaring new ballad, "Sledgehammer," which appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond. 

The song was written by Sia — the pair's first collaboration since their 2012 No. 1 hit "Diamonds" — and, as with that track, it's easy to imagine the bewigged chanteuse belting it out herself. "Sledgehammer" very much achieves the epic vibe the summer blockbuster is striving for; it could just as easily be a Bond theme (though Rihanna's look on the single art wouldn't be nearly as cool as it is above).

Rihanna tweeted a lyric fragment from the ballad's chorus way back in 2014, "You're just another brick and I'm a sledgehammer," which suggests it was NOT lovingly crafted with the Star Trek sequel's narrative arc in mind.

Regardless, Star Trek cast members expressed their appreciation for the track, particularly after the shocking accidental death of Anton Yelchin, who portrayed crew member Chekov.

"After such an unimaginably sad week for our star trek family, @badgalriri brings some light into the darkness," Zachary Quinto captioned an Instagram video teaser for the track.

Zoe Saldana wrote in her reshare of the Instagram teaser, "Thank you @badgalriri, for a beautiful song during one of the most difficult times for our StarTrek family. We know Anton would be proud." Saldana shared a separate eulogy for her costar and friend late last week.

Hear the song below in the final trailer for Beyond, which opens on July 21. TIDAL and Spotify subscribers can stream the song in full now.

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