If there's anything cuter than a poodle, it's a poodle in a sweater. Come on, you can't tell us a Pokemon pug isn't totally adorable or a Santa puppy fails to pull on your animal-loving heartstrings. That being said, things are kept fairly tame on our end when it comes to dressing up our dogs, because we don't want to embarrass them too much.

Unfortunately, there are a select group of canine owners who tend to go a tiny bit overboard in the dressing up department. And by that we mean they totally and completely shame their dogs with fur dye and funny haircuts. The result? Ridiculous poodles. The only way to truly experience this hilarity-meets-poor-embarrassment is by checking them out for yourself.

Newtown grafitti, Flickr
@ricray74, Twitter
@ArcticFire_AK, Twitter