Vin Diesel has a lot riding on 'Riddick,' the third film in the franchise that kickstarted his career with 'Pitch Black' and then almost ended it with 'The Chronicles of Riddick.' The 'Fast and the Furious' star hasn't been shy about his love for Riddick and has spent the better part of year offering updates on the film from his Facebook page, sharing images from the set every few weeks. The latest image is one of the best so far, showcasing Riddick doing what he does best...

The last few images that Diesel has shared featured a moody Riddick in quiet contemplation, so it's about time we got one that shows the highly skilled sci-fi warrior kicking ass! The newest film will function as a bit of a reboot, scaling down the action after the galaxy-spanning adventure of the previous movie and offering a clean jumping on point for action fans who skipped parts one and two. The film has a wonderfully simple and irresistible set-up: Riddick is stranded on a hostile alien planet, but there are two ships on the way...but both are filled with men who want to kill him.

As the 'Fast and Furious' franchise has evolved into a true ensemble piece, 'Riddick' looks like one of the few remaining showcases for Diesel, whose rise to action hero stardom stalled out after he dropped out of the 'XXX' sequel. It's a shame, really -- Diesel not only has the physicality and quiet charisma to be an action star, he has a mumbly voice worthy of the great Sylvester Stallone. Is this his last chance to be a true leading man? We shall see.

'Riddick' opens on September 6th.