Law enforcement is always seeking criminals who attempt evade capture after committing a crime. These individuals, after an elongated period of time, may end up on the Texas Most Wanted list.

When we've discussed various members on the list, it has sometimes led to an arrest of the person in question. Most recently, Santos Ramirez was captured after being missing from law enforcement's radar for a period time. Now, another fugitive from justice has law enforcement asking for Texans to help locate him.

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Salomon Olivas Marquez And His Crimes

Marquez's history with authorities goes back to the year 2002. On March 31st of 2022, he was sought for arrest for failing to do something that was connected to his crime that happened in 2002. We'll detail his history with law enforcement, and we'll also inform any Texan how they can help find Salomon after his disappearance.

All information is provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Reward Increased for Texas' Most Wanted Creep Salomon Marquez

Law enforcement in Texas is looking for one specific individual, and are requesting assistance from the public.

Let's help bring Marquez to justice.

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