It's the beginning of week 4 of our fitness challenge: How have we done so far?

We had set several goals for ourselves for this 8 week fitness challenge: Loose weight, tone up, relieve pain. We're half way through and already we are seeing inches disappear from our midsections and butts. I'm getting back muscle mass and inches in my arms though not as much as we would like in my chest. That means i'll be lifting more weight, yippie.

Tamara Polvado is our fitness trainer and motivator who keeps us on track. We are currently working out at Fit For Life off Loop 250 and Garfield in Midland.

I was sick all day on Tuesday, so it was a challenge not using that as an excuse to not go the the gym on my regular schedule. You have to take away all the excuses that have kept you from getting back in shape like, "I'm just too tired" or "I just don't want to today" and get into a rigid routine that will help you meet your fitness goals.

Watch a video recap of our progress: