When you think of casting for a Judy Garland biopic, Renee Zellweger is, admittedly, not the first name to come to mind. Maybe that’s because Zellweger is a permanent blonde in my mind; but this is the movies, where a quick change of hair color, makeup, and costume design can transform.

The first photo of Zellweger in Pathe and BBC Films’ upcoming Judy has been released, and it’s a pretty impressive likeness. Zelleweger’s Garland is a dark brunette donning pink lipstick as she crooners into a microphone. Zellweger’s strapless, flower-patterned dress is also a nice homage to Garland’s similar poppy-themed dress during a performance on The Judy Garland Show in the 1960s. Check it out for yourself:

Judy, from British stage director Rupert Goold and The Crown and Lovesick writer Tom Edge, follows the Hollywood legend in the later days of her career shortly before her death in 1969. Set in the winter of ‘68 during her final performances at London’s Talk of the Town nightclub, the biopic will feature Zellweger singing Garland’s most famous songs. According to Deadline, it will also detail the behind-the-scenes drama with Garland’s management and her longing to spend time with her children. It’s been a minute since Zellweger crooned in Chicago, so if anything, I’m intrigued to hear her rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

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