It's hard to believe with all the traffic now on Andrews Hwy in Midland that the Christmas Parade used to go down Andrews Hwy., but it did.

That is also back when the city Christmas tree was put up in Crier Park which is where the central fire station is for the Midland Fire Dept.

I am not sure where the parade would do its set up because for most of my life we would park in front of TG&Y, which is where Walgreens and Taco Villa are now.

The parade I know would end up in Crier Park for the lighting of the Christmas Tree and the appearance of Santa at the end of the parade.

The city Christmas Tree has been moved around every year for the past few Christmases since the Bush Convention Center was being built and Centennial Park was being created but now the city Christmas Tree should have its permanent home at Centennial Park.

But remembering those days of the Christmas Tree lighting and the North Pole Village that the city would set up every year at Crier Park when I was little was my highlight to Christmas.

Now the Christmas Tree being put at Centennial Park is even better, with the backdrop of the buildings downtown and the great setup that they can do at the park just helps to make new memories for the kids of today to remember years from now.

Hoping you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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