Thank you for your interest in the MOTAR, the Midland Odessa Texas Auto Rally happening May 19 at the Ector County Coliseum.

Fill out the form below and then we'll contact you further about how to make sure your vehicle is shown in all its glory.

Partial Proceeds to benefit:

Show of Support
Show of Support

Once you have successfully filled out the form, we'll be contacting you about your entry space and registration.


By submitting this form, you agree to following conditions.:

Approval: All entries and categories subject to approval and or change by staff. Townsquare Media reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate.
Security: Townsquare Media, sponsors and facility assume no responsibility or liability of theft or damage to your vehicle or entry, including display or rented items.
For show hours, security will be provided, this does not insure that theft or damage may not occur. Entrant assumes all responsibility regarding your entry during this event.
Safety: All fire regulations must be followed to the letter. No entrant may move vehicles in any way during show hours, including hyrdaulics. Entrants will be responisbile
and liable for any damage occurred from movement and engine start up. Entries are not to be moved until notified to do so by Townsquare Media. All vehicle owners must use
extreme caution during move in and move out, i.e. no excessive use of hydraulics, revving of engines, etc.
Photography/Video Release: Townsquare Media reserves the right to photograph, videotape, film or reproduce in any medium, any entry in show for any future use, with
no compensation to entry owner, participant or spectator. Upon entering the event, the entrant surrenders all claims. I hereby authorize my likeness and image to be used
by Townsquare Media for any future use to further promote car shows and other events.
Release of Liability: It is distinctly understood and agreed that in no case shall Townsquare Media, sponsors or any organization involved with the show be held
responsible for any actual or consequential loss, damage, theft or injury of any character to any person, vehicle or article, before and/or after the show hours. Entrants
are responsible for any damage to the floor, walls or equipment made in the space or spaces leased, except that which may be expected in normal use. I will abide by the rules
and regulations set forth by the facility, and will accept the Official Judges in determination of the winners. I understand that no refunds will be issued under any
circumstances. As an antrant in the Townsquare Media event, I hereby agree to the above stipulations and rules and regulations on this application set forth and
understand my responsibilities.

Thank You For Your Participation!


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