This Friday at noon, the Red Cross will be running a 24 hour 'Disaster Preparedness Drill' that will not only help them practice response, but will also give residents experience of what to do and how to find help in case of a local disaster.

Midland College
Midland College

Stephanie Murphree was in studio to invite volunteers from the community come out and help with the drill which will take place on the grounds of Midland College beginning Friday at noon. Though we don't face very many natural disasters here in West Texas, we do have to potential for severe weather, industrial accidents or even wildfires, that could leave many homeless. The Red Cross will also offer a seminar on how to prepare a 'Bug-Out-Bag' - provisions for 72 hours incase of a disaster.

For more information, contact the Red Cross at 432-563-2267

Listen to the interview with Stephanie Murphree of the Red Cross:

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