Let me qualify the title of this post with this: If a beautiful woman, who isn't your sister, invites you to a sleepover and you immediately think, "Pillow Fight!", then this might be the product for you.

I'm not sure why ANY woman in the world would find this attractive . . . but there's a company in Australia that's selling LINGERIE FOR MEN. It's mostly pink, filled with lace and bows, and includes teddies, camisoles, thongs, negligees, and even padded man-bras. The company says they hope this changes the way men look at underwear. Well, they certainly accomplished that.


The products cost around $25 for a pair of men's panties, $32 for a men's bra, and $50 for men's lingerie.  If you want this stuff, you can buy it at HommeMystere.com.

Now I'm sure someone will find my 'old-fashioned' ideas of traditional gender-roles offensive and outdated, but really, this is even a stretch for Halloween! Different strokes for different folks I guess. To me, this is further proof that masculine, all-American male is an endangered species. Now if you'll excuse me, I going to watch some reruns of Duck Dynasty.

Men would you consider buying this product? Ladies, do you think your man would look sexy in a 'teddy'?